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Ranbir Finally Speaks About Photo Controversy

Web Desk (September 23, 2017): Ranbir Kapoor has finally spoken up about his viral photographs with Mahira Khan, in which the two actors are seen smoking on a street in New York.

The photographs sparked off rumours of an alleged Mahira-Ranbir relationship and led to a backlash that predominantly targeted Mahira alone. Mahira was trolled.Celebrities on both sides of the border have been quick to slam the rumour-mongers, and according to Indian media reports, Ranbir has finally released a statement regarding the photographs.

“I’ve gotten to know Mahira in a personal capacity over the last few months. She is somebody who I admire and respect, for her achievements and even more for the person she is,” he begins.“It is very unfair the way she is being judged and spoken about. What is also sad is the inequality in judgment just because she is a woman. I request you to stop the negativity and move on with your beautiful god gifted lives. Peace and love. PS: Both smoking and hate are injurious to health.”

Hope that Ranbir’s got the final word on the matter.

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