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Rangers Arrest Eight Alleged Suspects, Recover Illegal Weapons

Karachi (August 3, 2017): The Rangers have raided in various parts of the city and arrested eight suspects as three of them allegedly having link with MQM London.

Ranges conducted raids in different parts of the city and arrested Eight accused allegedly involved in various crimes while illegal weapons and stolen valuables were also recovered from their possession.

In Shah Faisal Colony raids Ranges arrested two accused one of them- Salman Ali-  has alleged relation with MQM London and other- Muhammad Waseem alias Kalia-  member of MQM Haqiqi. They involved in target killing, enforced strikes and ablating vehicles.

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Two accused- Muhammad Hanif and Zeeshan Danish-  arrested from Lyari allegedly linked with Lyari gang war. Both involved in target killing, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and supply of illegal weapons.

Three accused were arrested in raids conducted in Zaman Town, Shah Latif Town, Chakiwara and Taimoria. They were identified as Muhibullah, Skindar and Muneer and involved in different criminal activities.

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