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Real Rule of Law Must For Real Democracy: Siraj

Lahore (August 6, 2017): Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Sirajul Haq has said that real rule of law is a prerequisite for the real democracy in the country.

Addressing a ceremony here he also demanded giving voting right to overseas Pakistanis without which the 2018 general elections would be incomplete. These votes would be used to bring forward a competent leadership to lead the country. This is so because expatriates are free of the influence of police and feudal landlords.

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Over 9 million expatriates  scattered all across the world are the unofficial diplomats and representatives of the country and they have played a crucial role in the betterment of Pakistan’s economy, Siraj said.

Saying that the democracy remains hijacked presently in the country Siraj stressed that with real democracy the country could never progress. Democracy here remains hijacked by a few families the hereditary politics should be eradicated from the country, he added. Political parties have turned into political properties.

Siraj also demanded government to provide protection and security to foreign investors. Our party kicked off the fight against corruption, Siraj said. The looted wealth should be brought back to the country, he added.

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