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Refugee crisis, Germany and Denmark linking rail service suspended

The refugee crisis, railway service has suspended between Denmark and Germany, where authorities have also closed the motorway linking Germany.

According to Denmark police, railway service of Denmark has been suspended indefinitely for Germany after thousands of refugees were stopped at borders, however, central motorway has been closed by Denmark because refugees have begun to walk on the central motorway, which connects to Germany.

On the other hand, European Commission has announced the project how to deal with the crisis of refugees, where 1,20,000 of additional refugees has been proposed to divide in in the European countries, according to new plan, they would be settled in Germany, Spain and France.

However, 605 of refugees are present in Italy , Greece and Hungary.

Meanwhile, Australian government has announced to provide shelter to 12,000 Syrian refugees, Secretary of State, John Kerry said that United States has began to consider increasing in resettlement of refugees, more 5,000 of Syrian refugees would be settle in United States, so the number of refugees in the United States would be 75,000 in the next year.