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Rehman Malik Reposes Complete Trust on JIT

Islamabad (June 23, 2017): Senator Rehman Malik expressed complete trust on JIT and said that he was bared to share his statement with media as he told them whatever they asked. He said that he would tender resignation if his name is found involved in any offshore company.

Speaking to media after appearing before the JIT, the former interior minister said that he had confirmed each and every word of his report. My report is already with the Supreme Court. I am here neither to trap someone nor to save anyone.

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” PTI claiming the victory of the match but remember PPP has prepared the pitch of the match,” Rehman malik said adding that he has full confidence over the JIT members as they all are professionals.

Replying to a question regarding Qatari letter Rehman Malik said,” PML-N has submitted single letter but has given SC two letters.” He said that time will prove the PPP would be the team who throw the ball in net.

“I testified each word of my reports along with all recor which I had submitted in SC,” Rehman Malik said adding that he respected law and constitution and doing things accordingly.

Commenting to a qeustion Senator said that accusations were hurled that PPP has made patch-up with PML-N but PPP has handle  the issue accordance with law and constitution.Earlier, Talking to Media outside the Judicial Academy before appearing JIT, former interior Minister said that I have come with the proofs. He said that I have brought the Letter, I wrote the then President with evidences.

He said that People said that I would not appear before the JIT, now they can see that I have come here with proofs. He said that I was always been impartial.

Rehman Malik said that he will do justice today with the nation as well as his profession.

He said that he had submitted two letters written to former president Rafiq Tarrar to the Supreme Court.

He added there were rumours that he had struck a deal with Nawaz Sharif.

I have been directed not to share several things with the media; Malik said and added that he had full trust in the JIT comprising of professionals.

I don’t think the JIT would do injustice with anyone, the PPP leader hoped.

He said he had requested the interior secretary for providing security but in vain.

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“After the documents I provide them [JIT] today, there will be no need [to get more evidence in the case],” he claimed.

Malik, a senior member of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), also brought with him documents related to the case.

The JIT had initially summoned Malik to appear on June 13, but he was in London, so he requested for another date for appearance. He was now summoned to appear before the JIT on June 23, Friday.

Rehman Malik was also assigned the task to probe into corruption charges against Nawaz Sharif during the second government of Benazir Bhutto in the mid-1990s while serving in the FIA.

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