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APS attack: Rejection of terrorist’s clemency appeal proposed

Four terrorists indulged in army public school attack  have appealed for clemency against death penalty. PM Nawaz Sharif has recommended to reject the application saying it entire nation wishes to  give death penalty to terrorists.

As black chapter on December 16,2014 has made painful story of Peshawar APS attack. The innocent knowledge  have made the target of terrorism. Person belong to every community had wept with tears of blood. Four culprits was caught indulged in attacks. They have been awarded  death penalty in Military courts.

The barbaric Sabeel Al-Mahruf Yaha, Abdus Salam, Hazrat Ali and Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman have appealed from country for clement. Taking more than 140 children and teachers lives are demanding clemency.

Whereas  PM Nawaz Sharif has recommended to President for cancellation of clemency appeal under the Article 105.  All  institutions  have intended to brought the terrorists under justice, PM added.  Entire nation wished to give sentence death to terrorists.