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Religious Affairs Ministry Relaxes Regulations For Hajj Aspirants

Islamabad: Ministry of Religious Affairs has relaxed some regulations for the Hajj pilgrims after which to be pilgrims whose passport will not remain valid on January 5, 2023 can also give hajj application.

The ministry in its statement said that on insistence of hajj pilgrims some procedures have been relaxed under the particular situations, according to which those pilgrims whose passport are not valid until January 23 will also apply for Hajj by attaching slip of Passport token for extension of their passports.

The ministry said that new passport be submitted untill Mary 18, 2020, otherwise the applicants will not be considered while all the applicants are bound to submit hajj applications along with their passports in banks.

As per the religeous ministry the overseas diaspora of the country having their passports valid till January 23 can apply for Hajj with Pakistani passports and identity cards.
The ministry further added that the applications of booking in the last Hajj flights be sent to the minstry through their banks while the applicant will take responsibility of not getting visa in case submitting passports after due date.

To ensure getting visa for Hajj, passports must reach the ministry before Zeeqad 20 (H.C).

The people who have gone to Hajj between 2015 to 2019 will not be qualified for Hajj Scheme this year, the ministry said

The ministry informed further that children of age less than 12 years can also apply while those whose vaccintaion for coronavirus not admimistred will be conditioanl to the approval of Saudi Ministry of Hajj.

All the 14 banks authorized for accepting the hajj applications have been issued directions regarding these procedure