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Religious parties to bring new bill as substitute of Women Rights bill

LAHORE: Religious parties have decided to bring a new bill as a substitute of Women Rights bill the announcement of whose points will be made at Nizam-e-Mustafa Conference at Mansoora on Saturday.

The consultancy meeting of the religious parties was Jamia Qadsia here. It was attended by Maulana Samiul Haq, Liaquat Baloch, Maulana Abdul Malik, Senator Sajid Mir and other leaders and religious scholars. Suggestions were made over bringing a new bill as substitute of Women Rights bill and making legislation against harassment of women.

The representatives of religious parties made suggestions to ensure that women get inheritance, getting rid of dowry, and stringent action against throwing acid on women.

The proposed bill will also stress necessary legislation for ensuring education of girls, building of schools near populated areas and providing the best medical facilities to women during delivery.

The sources said that after the bill is prepared consultations will agains be made to present it at National Assembly and Senate.