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Remembering Jagjit Singh on His Seventh Death Anniversary

Entertainment Desk (October 10, 2018): The musical grand maestro and King of Ghazals, Jagjit Singh ruled the music industry of sub-continent for four decades with his velvety, soft and magnificent voice. Since the day the silken voice of Jagjit Singh got silent, Ghazal singing has been suffering from an unmatched and unparallel loss. Jagjit Singh on October 10, 2011 suffered of a severe brain hemorrhage and departed. Seven years have been passed but his soulful voice still subsist in the memories of Ghazal s fan and admirers wherever the music reaches.

Jagjit’s first recording was at the Jalandhar All India Radio station 52 years ago. He used to do live concert for AIR Jalandhar six times a year.

Bollywood beckoned, and Jagjit wanted to go to Mumbai. But, first, a stopover at Kurukshetra, Haryana, where his father forced him to take admission into MA History course in 1963 at the Kurukshetra University, but studying was not the singer’s forte.

When the time for exams came, Jagjit’s preparations were nil, and then the singer made up his mind to leave for Mumbai. On March 19, 1965 Jagjit went to the station and took the Pathankot Express going to Mumbai.In Mumbai, Jagjit began singing at family and localised functions like wedding, birth anniversaries, etc. He got openings to sing jingles in ad films, and he made new friends.

He had left a huge void among his hundreds of thousands of admirers and fans across the globe who still appreciates his glorious ghazal singing and indifferent heart melting voice quality.

From the day his enthralling voice echoed on stage, he had seen unsurpassed fame, acknowledgment and admiration. Ghazal, song, religious recitation or anthem, every musical piece he sung became a super hit. Ghazal remained his reason of recognition. Ghazal singing bestowed him wealth, fame, love and affection. He was married to another famous female ghazal singer Chitra Singh. Duo had gained popularity and reputation and suddenly suffered from an irreparable loss when their only son lost his life in a car accident.Duo had gained popularity and reputation and suddenly suffered from an irreparable loss when their only son lost his life in a car accident.

The incident shattered Jagjit Sinsh especially his wife Chitra Singh was devastated. She quit singing but Jagjit found escape in Ghazal singing which became more divine, heart touching and celestial after such irreversible unkindness of nature.

Jagjit Singh is credited for the revival and popularity of ghazal, by choosing poetry that was relevant to the masses and composing them in a way that laid more emphasis on the meaning of words and melody evoked by them.

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His ghazal singing is an ageless and timeless saga of love, pain and solace. Not only elders but for the recent generations, Jagjit Singh has been the reference point for Ghazal singing.

Each time a lover wanders into an abyss of tranquility and silently watches the droplets of the first rains every monsoon, holding a piping hot cup of tea or coffee in their hands – most probably they are always listening to a Jagjit Singh ghazal. Invariably there is a smile on their faces, while remembering their loved one.

Known for his soulful and sensitive voice, it’s been seven years, since the ghazal legend left for heaven abode. Today on his 7th death anniversary, down in the memory lane, let’s revisit 7 of his most soulful ghazals: