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Republicans battle for the Senate in US mid-term elections

Americans go the polls today for the midterm elections with the Democrats fearing major losses which could profoundly effect President Obama’s final years in office.

Voters will elect 36 senators, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 36 state governors.

Analysts believe the House will remain in the hands of the Republicans so it’s all eyes on the Senate where Republicans only have to pick up six seats to win, giving them control of Congress that convenes in January.

“We could have, for the second time in our history, the majority leader of the Senate, setting the agenda for America and taking us in a new direction,” Republican Senator Mitch McConnell told supporters at an election rally. He will become that majority leader if GOP take the Senate.

With President Obama’s personal ratings at an all time low, the Democrats are going all out to muster the party faithful but it might not be enough, forcing Obama to rethink his presidency.

On the day the two of the key states to watch out for are North Carolina and Iowa – both have highly competitive campaigns running and both could swing either way.