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Resolution Of Karachi Issues Lies In MQM’s Removal: PSP     

Karachi (February 25, 2018)- Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal said on Sunday that until and unless MQM is not removed from the politics of Karachi, the issues faced by the metropolis could not be resolved.

Addressing members of business community, he said that MQM is enjoying the perks and privileges in the municipal government system but on which performance they would reach out to their voter in next general elections. “When they will reach out to voter, they will ask as to why water, sewerage and other issues were not resolved,” he said.

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He said that the MNA’s, MPAs and other people at the authority level are enjoying protocols but doing nothing for the masses.

He said that those MPAs and MNAs who joined PSP had left all of the perks they were enjoying at that time. “At the time when we raise voice against this injustice, the only punishment to speaking against this evil was death but we remand committed to our cause,” he said.

He asked the business community members as to if they had any other option than the PSP in the city. “What I have told sometimes back has proved now,” he said.

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