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Resumption Of Peace Talks Unlikely Between Pakistan, India Till Elections: Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry on Saturday lambasted the Modi led Indian government for its efforts to weaken Pakistan.

During an Interview to a Russian channel, he said, “Kulbhsan and Latif Mehsud’s capture has proved that India is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.”

“International media’s reports about an Indian airstrike revealed the truth,” he said.

“So-called air strike has damaged Modi’s narrative,” he added.

“Pakistan has always offered to resolve the issues via dialogues we don’t want any conflict as we are a peaceful country,” he further added.

“India is responsible for serious war crimes within the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) as per United Nations (UN) report,” he said.

“We both can fight a war against terrorism, what else we can offer them?” he added.

“We asked the Indian government to provide concrete evidence if they have but no evidence has been provided till to date,” he further added.

“Modi is pushing the region towards war for his electoral success,” he said.

“It looks unlikely that we can sit on the dialogues table until the elections in India,” he concluded.