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Revealed: 79 Train Accidents Under Sheikh Rasheed’s Ministership

WEB DESK: It has been revealed that whopping 79 train-related accidents have taken place across the country since Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed took charge as Federal Minister for Railways under the regime of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

During the period between August 2018 till July 2019, 79 incidents of either a train crashing into another passenger or freight train, or derailing of several bogies have been reported.

The continuity in the occurrence of such mishaps has raised a question marks on performance of the minister himself as well as the standard of Railways Department.

The mishap of Wednesday night of Akbar Express where dozens got killed and more than 85 sustained injuries is the latest addition to the list.The most number of casualties and financial damages to Railways Department were inflicted in the month of June where 20 train mishaps occurred.

Sources have termed the inexperience of department’s General Manager as the reason for occurence of such accidents in great number.

Wrong strategies have resulted in deployments of inexperience and junior officers onto vital posts whereas senior officials have been waiting for their promotion for several months, sources added.