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Revolutionary “folding drone” releasing on October 15

The world’s largest drone maker DJI  will release the revolutionary ‘folding drone’ Mavic Pro on the 15th of this month.

Mavic Pro, which will be retailed for $ 750, folds down to the size of a sandwich without making any compromise on the features which are part of a more expensive $ 1,200 DJI’s Phantom 4 drone.

These features comprise 4K video capture, 25-minute battery life, 3-mile range, object avoidance, stabilized video, tilting camera, optical sensors so they can fly indoors without GPS, and four-digit price tags.

In short, despite being priced lower than Phantom 4 Mavic Pro would be offers professional the same choices.

The competitively priced and incredibly small Mavic Pro is made of military-gray plastic and metal. And yet the big-small Mavic Pro is easy to get stuffed in backpack to be taken wherever you like.

A single battery charge would keep Mavic Pro in the air for 25 minutes. Mavic Pro is also easy to operate.