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Reza Calls for Inter-Institutional Dialogue to Avoid Crisis

Quetta (August 2, 2017) Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani on Wednesday said that Parliament was the weakest institutions in today’s Pakistan, saying that everyone launched onslaught on Parliament whenever he/she wished. 

Addressing a seminar in Quetta, Rabbani said that he does not want clash of institution, adding the country cant not afford clash in the present scenario.

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Rabbani said that the Parliament, Executive and Judiciary have to work together while remaining in the limits of their jurisdiction.  He said that tracheotomy of power was the base of Pakistan’s constitution.

The veteran politician said that in the past Parliament was removed through dictatorship which introduced 58(2) B to dissolve the Parliament.

“When the democratic forces through their struggle removed 58(2) B from constitution, then now a new procedure was introduced which you see nowadays,” he added.

He said according to the law, the state’s first and foremost responsibility is protecting the lives and property of the people.

“The weakest state institution is the Parliament,” said the veteran Pakistan Peoples Party leader.

Rabbani said whosoever wants bullies the Parliament.

He called for eliminating terrorism and poverty from the country.

He added that democratic forces struggled against a dictator and got Article 58(2)(b) removed from the Constitution but now another method has arisen.

The said section of the Constitution was inserted in 1985 by Gen Ziaul Haq and was used by military dictators and presidents to dismiss political governments. It was removed from the Constitution when the 18th Amendment was passed by the Pakistan Peoples Party government in 2010.Raza Rabbani called for inter-institutional dialogue to bring the country out of its prevailing crisis and tackle ongoing issues.

“Inter-institutional dialogue between the executive [branch of government], parliament and judiciary is imperative for paving the way for amicable solution of the country’s issues,” Rabbani told a seminar organised in Quetta to remember lawyers who lost their lives in the Civil Hospital suicide attack on Aug 8, 2016.

“The senate’s forum is ready to host this inter-institutional dialogue,” Rabbani said.

Rabbani said democracy must prevail and rule of law must be ensured to make Pakistan a strong country where there is national harmony.

While discussing the security situation in the country Rabbani said, “It is ironic that a security division is being formed to guard those coming to Pakistan to work on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor but the people of the country remain unsafe.”

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