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Rise In Chicken Prices Just Before Eid-ul-Fitr

Web desk(June 14, 2018): Just before Eid-ul-Fitr, poultry mafia has given a hike in chicken prices. Price of chicken is raised by rs. 16, whereas, an increase of rs. 25 is seen in chicken meat within a day.

Once again in Karachi, it is seen that price of chicken meat is higher than that of beef. Prices fixed by the government, of beef, are 300/kg whereas chicken is 310/kg, which is expected to increase more, before Eid.As per the order released by the commissioner, Karachi on June 13th, prices fixed for chicken is 200 whereas for broiler chicken meat was 310/kg. In the month of June, a total increase in chicken price is calculated to be rs. 59.

As per the shopkeepers, poultry farmers and wholesalers should be given strict orders, otherwise, prices can increase up to rs. 350. It is already being sold at higher prices than fixed, in different parts of the city.

Karachites have appealed to the chief minister, to look into the matter and stop this corruption in markets. Also, strict orders should be issued to shopkeepers, for maintaining prices as fixed by the government.

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