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Role of FC is praiseworthy in maintaining peace in Baluchistan: Nasir Khan Janjua

Lieutenant General, Nasir Khan Janjua said that the day of September 6 is an important day of our national history, because the sun of peace has rosen in Baluchistan by the efforts of  Frontier Corp (FC ).

While addressing to the ceremony of Martyrs’ day, Nasir Khan Janjua said that the future of Baluchistan is very bright, while FC has played vital role in maintain peace in Baluchistan, he added that we have passed the distance towards flying the flags in Baluchistan.

Commander Southern Command Lt General Nasir Janjua said that the day of 6 September is an important day, meanwhile, this day we faced our enemy, who was thrice times bigger than us.

He added that youngsters would not come in lured of any one, while nationals of Baluchistan have given love in return of  the message of love.

However, those enemy paid leaders could not be national leader, whereas, no one can lured the children of Baluchistan for the name of war of independence.