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Corruption Free Society Essential for Country’s Prosperity: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the anti-corruption app called ‘Report Corruption’ in Islamabad today (Monday), in connection with International Anti-Corruption Day.

Addressing the ceremony, he hailed it as a major step in making the country corruption-free. He expressed hope that this app will help to transform Pakistan into a modern and transparent nation.

The Prime Minister said the anti-corruption establishment Punjab has been successful in recovering billions of rupees from corrupt elements which need to be widely publicized. He said the recovered money will be spent on the uplift and betterment of people. Imran Khan urged the Punjab government to widely disseminate information about the money recovered from corruption to people.

Prime Minister regretted that people are unaware of the vital link between corruption and their miseries.

Referring to the example of China, the Prime Minister said hundreds of people have been put in jails on graft charges including ministers in order to eradicate corruption from their country. He said in Lebanon, Chile, Iraq and other countries people are protesting on roads against the corruption of their rulers. He said in this day and age it is not easy to hide corruption.

Imran Khan said today corrupt countries are poor and transparent nations are rich. He referred to the example of Congo, Nigeria and other African countries which are rich in natural resources but their people are facing an extreme level of poverty due to rampant corruption in their societies. Switzerland, on the other hand, lacks natural resources but is very prosperous and rich.

The Prime Minister said a modern and prosperous society gives great emphasis on anti-corruption.  He said when corruption in any society increases, the money that was to be spent on health, education and other necessities of people transfers to the pockets of corrupt people. As those corrupt people are afraid of the discovery of their ill-gotten wealth, they transfer it abroad.

Terming overseas Pakistanis as a precious asset of Pakistan, he said they can invest heavily in the country if they are sure of no corruption.

The Prime Minister called a corrupt person as an enemy of the people.