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Royal Couple Visit To Pakistan Connection of Historic Relations: British HC

ISLAMABAD: British High Commissioner Thomas Drew on the arrival of British royal couple has said that an arrival of British royal couple is a connection of historic relations between the two countries.

The British HC said that a positive image of Pakistan will be highlighted through the visit of the British couple while the couple will call on people belonging to different strata of the society in their visit to Pakistan.

He further informed that Prince William and his wife will also visit Lahore and Northern Areas while they will also meet the youth of Pakistan

He said it will be an exciting program and will focus largely on today’s Pakistan and its dynamic, aspirational and forward-looking nation.

He said they will get the flavor of enormous opportunities in the hands of Pakistan’s young population as well as the country responding to the challenges like climate change.

Thomas Drew said Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton hope to meet as many Pakistanis as possible during the course of the visit.

British High Commissioner further said they are looking forward to building a lasting friendship with the people of Pakistan. He hoped they would get a very warm welcome during a visit to Pakistan.