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Rulers Inaugurating Uplift Projects Initiated By PML-N: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: The  spokeswoman of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Marriyum Aurangzeb alleged on Tuesday that the rulers are inaugurating development projected initiated by PML-N in the past.

In her address on the test inauguration of Orange Line Train project, PML-N leader said that the present rulers are including the Shahbaz government Orange Line Project in their account stubbornly.

“Shabaz Sharif has constructed five metros but the present incompetent rulers even could not complete a single project of Peshawar metro despite the expense of one billion rupees,” she said adding that PM Imran should apprise the nation whose Orange Line Project was, and who has the such a wide vision.

He pointing out PM said that Shahbaz Sharif had done the test inauguration of the Orange Line Project on May 16, 2018, as after passage of 15 months the projects initiated by PML-N being continued.

She demanded investigation in the delay of the projects of the PML-N government and intentionally increasing their cost.