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Russian cargo spacecraft destroyed

MOSCOW: Russian cargo spacecraft ‘Progress’ destroyed shortly after launching toward the International Space Station today.

According to the details, the unmanned ‘Progress’ was carrying 2.5 tonnes of food and supplies for the International Space Station. The space shuttle was destroyed at the height of 190 kilometers after leaving the space pad in Kazakhstan.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that communication with the spacecraft ended after 382 seconds into the flight. According to the preliminary information, the incident took place at an height of about 190 Kilometers over remoter and unpopulated mountainous area of the Republic of tyva.

The cargo spacecraft fragments burned in the dense atmosphere. While the investigation into the launch failure is ongoing and early indications point to an issue with the third stage.

NASA officials were of the view that the third stage of the Soyuz rocket, which help propel the cargo to its final orbit , reportedly shut down earlier than planned.