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Russian Forces Kill 80 Fighters’ In Syria’s East

MOSCOW (September 7, 2017) : Around 80 militants were killed in a series of Russian air strikes in Syria’s Al Mayadin district over the past 24 hours, the defence ministry in Moscow said on Saturday.
Officials said that forces have killed about 80 ISIL fighters in a series of attacks in Syria’s east. They said senior ISIL commander Omar Al Shishani was among those killed.The ministry also said that large numbers of foreign mercenaries, coming into Al Bukamal from neighbouring Iraq were also killed in a Russian air raid. Many of them came from the former Soviet Union, Tunisia and Egypt, according to the ministry.
A command post of the terrorists fighters including nine natives of the Northern Caucasus were destroyed in the area of Mayadeen,” the ministry said, adding that another 40 Daesh fighters were killed around the town of Albu Kamal.