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Russian helicopter crashes in Siberia, 19 feared dead

MOSCOW: A Russian Mi-8 transport helicopter crash-landed on Yamal Penisul in northwestern Siberia and most of the passengers feared dead.

Russian emergency services said that 22 people were on-board the helicopter. According to Russian media, the place of crash landing was identified and rescue helicopters had been dispatched.

The first survival had been evacuated by a helicopter and shifted to a hospital in critical condition. While two more people with the signs of life found on the site.

The Russian Emergency Ministry said that rescuers had landed at the crash-landing site in Yamal and evacuated the injured passenger who had been communicating with them.

Two helicopters with 140 paramedics and emergency workers were involved in the rescue operation. Poor visibility could create hurdles in the rescue operation.

According to the details, the helicopter belonged to the Skol air company and was flying to the Suzumskoye oil and gas field in Kransnoyarsk region.