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Saad Supports Civilian Supremacy, Authority to Rule

Lahore (August 14, 2017): Federal Minister for Railways Khuwaja Saad Rafique on Monday called for accepting the right to rule of elected civilian authority in the country

In his message on 70th Independence Day, Rafuque congratulated the nation.  He said “Today is the day not only to renew pledge but also look into our losses.”

“We have to look into the 70 years of the country as to what we achieved and what we lost,” he urged.

“We lack will and good intentions.  If we decide to support/oppose  each other on principles then the issue can solved,” he added.

The minister said that they had to face and eradicate social injustices at every level. Railway Minister called for ensuring supremacy of constitution and rule of law instead of personalities.

He said that there was a need to stop extra constitutional measures at any cost. He also called for comparison between different government based on their performance rather than allegations.

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