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Sahiwal Incident: JIT Report Declares Slain Zeeshan ‘A Terrorist’

LAHORE: A report prepared by a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the heart-rending Sahiwal shoot-out has declared murdered Zeeshan as a terrorist, meanwhile claiming that Khalil and his family were innocent.

The JIT report has termed Zeeshan a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and also raised eyebrows over slain Zeeshan’s brother Ahtisham too, claiming that Ahtisham has been involved in suspicious activities.

It has also given the go-ahead to commence an action against SSP Jawwad Qamar and Regional DSP Asif Kamal for eliminating all shred of evidence from the alleged shootout spot.

According to the report, contrary to CTD’s claim, no fire was released either from a bike rider or from Zeeshan.

Further, the report also alleged SI Safder and other CTD officials for tempering the weapons used in the grim event and other proofs regarding it.

“Firing was done by the CTD team from behind. Due to the firing, slain family’s car smashed from the front and stopped. CTD team, after completing their operation reached the Police Lounge at 1:45 pm. Near 3:00 pm, the team reached CTD’s regional office and did alteration in weapons and evidence at that very moment”, stated the JIT report.