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Samsam Bukhari, PPP Okara members join PTI

ISLAMABAD: Former Minister Samsam Bukhari and other leaders of PPP Okara have joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, while Samsam Bukhari said that PML-N’s sovereignty cannot be accepted, adding that he has differences with PPP current views.

Talking to media after meeting with PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Samsam Bukhari said that more people to join PTI in coming few days. He said that it was looking like in PPP that we were part of B-team of PML-N and we cannot tolerate to become B-team of PML-N.

On this occasion, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the day is important for PTI, addin that Samsam Bukhari was an important leader of PPP. He welcomed PPP leaders to join PTI.

Earlier, a deligation from Okara led by Former Minister Samsam Bukhari met Imran Khan in Islamabad and formally announced to join PTI. The deligation from Okara included Former Provincial Minister Ashraf Khan Sohna, Arif Khan Lashari and others. Former Member of Provincial Assembly from Mandi Bahauddin Akram Ullah Ranjha and his son has also announced to join PTI.