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Samsung Offers Free Sanitizing Cell Phone Service Amid Coronavirus  

WEB DESK: As the coronavirus epidemic turned pandemic the fear of its spread became multiple and more cares needed and keeping such care of its customers Samsung launched free services to clean the smartphone from germs and making it more healthy for customers.

And the smartphones that we carry all the time are devices that have already been proven multiple times to be a bacteria carrier. Not everyone takes care of cleaning the smartphone as it should, and in this regard, Samsung has decided to interfere.

Samsung is aware that the coronavirus is a real problem, they have already suffered from it with the closures of several factories in South Korea, and to help us fight the spread of the most popular virus of this century they are going to offer us the Samsung Galaxy Disinfection Service in their service centres to properly clean our mobiles.

The company will help you take maximum care of your hygiene, and you can now request the free disinfection of your Galaxy mobile at a Samsung Service Center. The service is already available in 19 countries, and soon in 25 other markets.

The most important thing in these situations is to do everything possible so as not to become another vector of virus contagion, and to avoid it all measures begin by taking care of our hygiene habits to the maximum, including in this case the smartphone.