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Samsung Presents First Artificial Human

WEB DESK: Samsung has revealed its ‘artificial humans’ — dubbed NEON — that will appear on screens as realistic video chatbots and respond to questions in milliseconds.

Made by Samsung’s California-based Star Labs, the technology could allow for the creation of customised digital beings for use on displays or in video games.

The NEON figures could be designed to be ‘TV anchors, spokespeople, or movie actors’ — or even ‘companions and friends’, Star Labs said.

The artificial intelligence-powered avatars, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be able to ‘converse and sympathise’ like real humans.

However, the development could also exacerbate concerns over the increasing realism of so-called ‘deepfake’ videos of people, which can be used to mislead.

‘NEONs will be our friends, collaborators and companions — continually learning, evolving and forming memories from their interactions,’ said Star Labs’ chief executive Pranav Mistry.

According the Neon website, the avatars are more ‘friends’ than interfaces — and they will be called by name, unlike current smart assistants.

‘Frank, Natasha, Hana. Not “Hey NEON”,’ they wrote.

The NEON creators said that the new virtual humans are the product of advances in various technologies including neural networks and computational reality.

According to Star Labs, NEON is inspired ‘by the rhythmic complexities of nature and extensively trained with how humans look, behave and interact.’