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Sarfaraz Reacts to His ‘Yawning Scene’ During India Clash

LONDON: Yawning is not a sin, my yawn which was seen during World Cup match with India is nothing but a natural process, Pakistani Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed said in a press conference ahead of national side’s clash with South Africa here in London.

Sarfaraz ripped into few former players of Pakistani side and addressed the backlash which entire team faced after facing defeat to hands of arch-rivals India.

“Commenting on our cricket is somethings which will not offend us, but abusing us because of that is just not morally sound. Some seniors are considering themselves a gods while being on television”, he said.

“The tournament is still open and the team is eyeing a comeback by putting up a top display”, skipper said when asked about Pakistan’s chances moving on into the World Cup.

Pakistan is all set to take on South Africa in an all-important match of the world cup on Sunday, today.

The shaky Pakistan team has spent extra time in a training session and made practice for the Lords contest against South Africa.

Pakistan team’s on the search of winning track to get success in the next four matches to live the hopes for semi-finals.

Head coach and other officials were present during the practice session and emphasized on fielding and batting.