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Saudi Arabia Calls Urgent Meetings Of Gulf, Arab League On May 30

JEDDAH: Khadim-ul-Harmain Shareefain King Sulman Bin Abdul Aziz on Sunday called emergency meetings of Gulf Coordination Council and Arab League.

According to agencies, the Saudi Foreign Ministry in a statement said that King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has called an emergency meeting of Gulf Coordination Council and Arab League to review the situation of the region.

The Saudi King will discuss the recent attacks on drilling facilities and will discuss the steps to e taken to protect them in the future with the member nations. The meetings will take place on May 30, the statement reads.

The letters have been written in this regard, added the statement.

The meetings will be held in Mecca (The Holy City of Muslims In the Entire World), it concluded.

It is pertinent to mention here that the entire Gulf region is in tense conditions. On the other hands, the United States (US) is deploying its ship in the Waters of Arabian Gulf for possible military action against Iran.