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Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Ban on Pakistanis Holding Saudi visas

ISLAMABAD: A Foreign Office spokesman has said that Saudi Arabia has lifted the travel ban for Pakistanis holding Saudi visas, although travelers must get tested for coronavirus 48 hours in advance.

Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said that Saudi visa holders or those Pakistanis with residence permits can travel to Saudia. He directed travelers to undergo coronavirus tests 48 hours before travel. Other than this, no specific restrictions have been imposed on the travel of Pakistanis to Saudi Arabia.

The Spokesman said that before Covid hit, there were 75 PIA flights to Saudi Arabia which has now decreased to 22 due to coronavirus. He said the matter of launching additional flights to the country in October is also under consideration.

He said that Saudi officials have authorized 21 additional flights and more flights from October 1 to 30 could be launched.