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Saudi Arabia To Get Its Own 4Dx Theatre

Web Desk(April 27, 2018): Saudi Arabia is on its way to get its own 4DX movie theaters after South Korean based CJ 4DPLEX signed a deal with Cinemacity to open up in three locations around the country, by the end of the year.

As per reports by an American media outlet, the Saudi capital of Riyadh will be the first to become a CJ 4DPLEX multiplex in its Al-Qasr Mall, which will be launching 19 screens.According to Xclusive Cinemas SAL Holding, the parent company of Cinemacity, they will be administering a total of 116 screens by the end of this year in five countries that include Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.The report describes the 4DX promising the audience an interactive experience that includes the movement of seats synchronized with the action underway on screen, along with coordinated special effects including rain, wind, fog and numerous other olfactory effects.

CEO of CJ 4DPLEX, Byung Hwan Choi has released a statement regarding the subject saying: “With this upcoming debut in Saudi Arabia and further expansion in this region with Cinemacity, we will reach to the Saudi’s untapped market and lead cinema revolution in progressing immersive cinema into the future.”

As per earlier reports, CJ 4DPLEX had announced that through its partnership with Cineworld, the parent company of Regal, the company will be adding a total of 145 4DX on a global scale.

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