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Saudi Arabia’s 450-km Haramain Express Train project nears completion

The mega project of Haramain train in Saudi Arabia, which is being constructed between Makkah and Madinah, is near completion.

According to Arab Tv, out of the 450 kilometers, there are only 20 km remaining for the completion of the entire rail project.

The report said that the remaining kilometers to be constructed are part of the railway leading from Jeddah to Makkah at the main station at Al-Rusaifah district in the holy city.


The company constructing the project has established 138 bridges over the expressways through which the train will pass and also over Al-Haramain Road in Jeddah. The company, which is part of an international consortium, has constructed 12 independent crossings for camels in the areas where there are a large number of the animals.

It has also dug a total of 840 underpasses to drain rain and floodwaters. The test run of the train is expected to take place late December this year.


Earlier last year, Minister of Transport Sulaiman Al-Hamdan said he is looking forward to the commissioning of Al-Haramain Express Train soon as the project was progressing unhindered.


“The railway that will connect Makkah and Madinah is one of the Kingdom’s most carefully supervised projects. It is one of the top priorities for the government. The project is going on schedule without any delays or hindrance. It will facilitate the transportation between the two holy cities greatly,” the minister had said.