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Saudi Govt Imposes Additional 410 Riyal for Hajj Pilgrims

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia has introduced new charges on Hajj visa’s which will come into effect this year. Pilgrims from Pakistan will be required to pay 410 Riyal, Rs 16000, additional charges.

According to the religious ministry, Saudi Arabia has increased the fee in the account of visa fee and insurance.

Ministry said Pakistani pilgrims will have to pay 300 Riyal as visa fee while 110 Riyal in the account of insurance as both included in the current year’s Hajj package.

According to sources, the religious ministry demanded to the Saudi government to end visa fee and insurance fee but the Saudi government has rejected Pakistani demand saying the additional charges will be imposed not only Pakistan but on all Muslim countries across the world.

It is worth mentioning that the current year Hajj Package has already been reached at 0.5 million.