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Saudi King to pay for 1,000 Palestine’s martyred families for Hajj

Saudi Arabia King Shah Salman has issued an order to host as many as thousand families of martyred families of Palestine to pay homage to martyred. All the invited pilgrims will perform Hajj as  king’s guest.

According to the Arab media, Saudi Arabia’s King Shah Salman has instructed to arrange Hajj arrangements on the Saudi government expenditures for 1000 Hajj pilgrims belonging to Palestinian martyred families.

The King has also instructed to provide special facilities to Hajj pilgrims from Palestine.

In-charge of special Hajj program and minister for religious affairs and preach Irshad Ul Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Al-Shiekh has thanked the King over ordering to host 1000 hajj pilgrims from Palestine on Saudi expense.

Al-Shiekh Saleh Al- Shiekh said that Shah Salman’s passion for unity and strength with Palestinian brethren is praiseworthy.