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Saudi Mufti, Jamia Al-Azhar declare 47 terrorist’s execution legal

Saudi Arabia’s Mufti Azam  Al-Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh declared 47 terrorist’s execution legal under Islamic Sharia. Whereas Jamia Al-Azhar’s scholar also declared execution correctly under Shariah.

According to Arab t.v Saudi’s Mufti Azam and Scholar’s board chairman Al-Sheikh Abdul Aiz Bin Abdullah according to Book and Sunnah has declared right punishment of death sentence were to be given 47 terrorists . Mufti Azam said  in a statement that the punishment given to terrorists was came under Sharia and also came Qasas . Al-Qasas  Is  a blessing  for ALLAH’s people. Due to  implementation of the punishment help to curb the  anarchy, panic and violence have got. He said that  Islamic country now being passed  by worst trend of terrorism. In this situation every one’s first priority  is stability, peace and prosperity in Muslim-e-Ummah beside this the safety of people lives their esteems included.

On the other side Egypt’s Jamia Al-Azhar scholars also declared 47 militants punishment of execution correct under Islami shariah. And  said that Saudi Arabia govt by paying a significant obligation of compliance orders of  Almighty ALLAH and Nabi Kareem (S.A.W). The punishment for killing, terrorism, looted and violence only is  execution.