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Saudi Security Forces Adopt Plans To Preserve Hajj Security

MAKKAH: Security forces are adopting plans to preserve Hajj security and prevent any negative practice from disturbing it.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Bassami, the commander of the Hajj and Umrah Security Forces, told a press conference on Monday that there was a security cordon around the holy sites to prevent entry by unauthorized pilgrims.

He said 288 citizens and residents had already been arrested for violating Hajj regulations, and there was a SR10,000 ($2,600) fine for anyone trying to enter Makkah “control centers” or the holy sites without a permit.

Al-Bassami added that 2,062 violators of residency regulations had been arrested as they were trying to perform the pilgrimage irregularly, 99,792 residents had been prevented from entering Makkah as they did not have the necessary permits, and 69,663 cars were forbidden entry because they were transporting unauthorized people.

He also said 63 fake Hajj campaigns had been detected and penalties had been applied. He stressed that the two plans would confront any act affecting security, order, and safety.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Omari, commander of the Special Emergency Forces at the Presidency of State Security, said work was underway on various considerations, the most important of which was the security of pilgrims.

He said the presence of security forces at the southern side of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and transport stations aimed to ease congestion. Security forces were helping to manage crowds in the Grand Mosque and the holy sites and provide protection for state guests, he added.

The deputy director-general of Passports, Maj. Gen. Dr. Saleh bin Saad Al-Murabba, announced the completion of the arrival stage for pilgrims from outside the Kingdom through all ports.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Hamoud Sulaiman Al-Faraj, commander of the Civil Defense Forces during Hajj, confirmed the deployment of Civil Defense teams to ensure the safety of the holy sites and the roads taken by pilgrims, and to check on pilgrims and their accommodation in Makkah.