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Saudi Women’s Speed-Craze After Driving Ban Ends

Web Desk (August 29, 2018): Driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia ends few weeks back, after which Saudi women have been speed-crazed.

According to international news agency, Saudi Arabia’s lady driver, Rana Almimoni said that she is awaiting an expected government decision that would permit women to obtain a racing licence, which would allow her to hone her passion in motor-race competitions.Almimoni is a motor racing enthusiast, who is defying the perception or sexist misconception, that only dainty cars in bright colors are popular with women drivers.Earlier, 28 years old ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia was lifted in June this year. After the lifting of ban on women-driving in KSA, over 2000 women has got driving license.The move is expected to be transformative for many women, freeing them from their dependence on private chauffeurs or male relatives and resulting in big family savings.

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