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SC Constitutes New Bench for Memogate Scandal

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Saturday has formed a new bench to resume the hearing of controversial Memogate scandal.

The three-member will head by chief justice Asif Saeed Khusa and comprises of justice Gulzar Ahmed and justice Aijazl Hassan.

Court has issued the notices to the attorney general, DG FIA, prosecutor, foreign secretary and secretary interior in this connection.

The scandal, taken to the apex court by then opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar and others to Haqqani’s resignation.

In 2011, the publication of a secret memo asking Washington for help reining in the Pakistani military had ignited a scandal threatening the then Pakistan’s US ambassador and exposing the rift between its shaky government and the country’s powerful generals.

Haqqani, however, had denied having anything to do with a memo delivered to the US military chief asking for help with the military because of the domestic turmoil triggered by the US raid that killed al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden.