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SC Forms Larger Bench to Fix Span of Life Sentence

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan has constituted a larger bench to determine the exact duration of a life sentence.

The decision came as a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa took notice of the issue of a petition filed by a suspect namely Haroon Rasheed to reduce a life sentence into half.

As per CJP’s issued directives, the formed bench will mull on fixing either 25 years or one’s lifetime when it comes to life sentences.

Accused Haroon had filed a petition in top court over receiving life incarceration 12 times in 12 different cases.

During the hearing, the lawyer representing Haroon said that his client was behind bars since 1997, passing sentence of 22 years, therefore, Supreme Court must give orders of merging all 12 life imprisonment sentences into one.

Chief Justice responded: “This is a misunderstanding. Life incarceration is of 25 years. You can’t half the sentence since you are unaware when death comes”.

Issuing notices to Attorney General, Provincial Advocate Generals and Prosecutor Generals, CJP Khosa ordered Registrar Office to fix the case for hearing in the first week of October.