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SC Issues Detail Verdict of Dual Nationality Case

Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday issued a 32-page details verdict in dual nationality case saying it is essential to withdraw foreign nationality to become part of parliament.

The verdict declared by seven judges and penned by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed.

The judgment clarified that in order to obtain the parliament membership, a person should fulfil legal requirements while shunning foreign nationality.

Disqualification can not only be eliminated while initiating the process to reject foreign nationality.

“Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar submitted documents pertaining to decline his British nationality, however; they are yet to be verified. The same goes for Senator Nuzhat Sadiq’s documents,” says the verdict.

“Senator Haroon Akhtar Khan gained Canadian citizenship in 1980 and accepted that the process to leave it was not completed. He does not qualify to become a senator,” maintained the judges.

The verdict went on to adds that when Sadia Abbasi was an American citizen at the time of submitting papers for senatorship and remained to be when the papers were filed.

She also did not qualify to become a senator, adds the verdict.