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SC Issues Written Order Of Coronavirus Suo-Motu Case

Islamabad: Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a written order of the coronavirus suo-motu case in which it urged the government to take urgent measures for tackling risks emitted out from the virus.

A five-member larger bench of SC headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed is hearing the coronavirus suo-motu case.

The written order of yesterday’s hearing said that Pakistan is a country affected by the virus and scores of people have died from it and the number of the cases from the virus are on the rise day by day adding that the spread of the virus of this kind as has rung alarm bell.

The order said that tackling the virus is the additional burden on the responsibilities of the government and there were no preparations for the dangers created by the new virus, however, the government took immediate steps as tackling the virus adding that it is right of masses that government to be provided clean and healthy environment.

The court order said that the Pakistan economy which was already in bad shape will be suffered more in the wake of coronavirus.

The SC in its written order admitting capabilities of NDMA to deal on two fronts simultaneously of COVID-19 and locusts attack prayed for its success on both the fronts.

The court ordered NDMA, federal and provincial governments, Gilgit Baltistan and Islamabad to submit their progress report of their efforts against the coronavirus.