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SC Orders Cancellation Of Illegal Allotment of Forests Land In Sindh

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered to cancel illegal allotment of forests land in Sindh.

A hearing was held in the SC over cutting of the forests land in Sindh  wherein the court ordered that to return back the forests land and get it allotment canceled.

The court also directed the forests department to implement the court orders and submit report in the court while a satellite report of the forests land also be sought from the department.

During the hearing, the court hinted summoning of Chief Minister SIndh as the Chief Justice remarked that why not called Chief Minister Sindh in the case adding that whole of the forests land in the province are in occupation.

The court added ministers and MPAs have occupied government lands in Sukkur and the provincial government has blind eyes towards it.

“Sindh has large number of forests lands measuring 5000 acre adding that the forests department employees also involved in the land grabbing.” the court said.

The hearing adjourned for the period of two months.