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SC Orders CDA To Remove Gate Installed At D Chowlk

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Thursday ordered Capital Development Authority (CDA) for removal of gate installed at D Chowlk and bring to an end occupations of sports ground and green belts.

Chief Justice Supreme Court Gulzar Ahmed headed the three member bench to hear the petition regarding change in nature of public plots in Islamabad.

During course of the hearing Chairman CDA appeared in the court while Chief Justice ordered him to take a map of city and leave for a visit to the city  and remove encroachments all around the city urging him to take action against all not instead of against a few and remove the gate fixed at the D chowlk and the Parliament should be seen from very long distance.

Chairman CDA told the court that we have identified such  eight plots whose status have been changed. To which Chief Justice said that not eight the numbers of such plots will be hundredth in numbers and whole of the face of capital has been changed and houses or commercial building have been constructed on the green belts adding that one feels suffocation  visited center of the city.

The CJ urged the CDA Chairman to seek solution of the issues pertaining to the city affairs.

The counsel of the petitioner said that now re-planning of the cities are also conducted as well all around the world, to which, Justice Aijaz Ul Ahsan said that here in Pakistan the re-planning means is to earn money.

The CJ remarked that if re-planning conducted Supreme Court building might become a shopping mall and the parliament will not remain at its position.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed urged the CDA to make it strong and treat Islamabad as a capital city and don’t make it crowded place.

Later the court adjourned the hearing for four weeks.