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SC Orders Release Of Prisoner Who Served 10 Years In Jail

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday, approving appeal opposing punishment of a murder suspect Rizwan who had served last ten years in prison, issued his release orders.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa held hearing on the plea of Rizwan, who was central suspect in a murder case.

During the hearing, CJP Asif Khosa remarked that there was a contradiction in statements registered in the case and those of the eye-witnesses. On this occasion, the complainant’s lawyer alleged Police for concealing facts in the case.

To this, Chief Justice, in a rather aggressive stance asked the lawyer, “Can your statement proof Police dishonest? This is our issue. We only agree with the verdict if it comes in our favour”.

The top judge added that the murder case belonged to Punjab and also questioned the proceedings carried out in province’s courts.

CJP Asif Khosa also added, “Courts in Punjab either gives death penalty if proven guilty or give life-sentence to suspects when they are not proven guilty”.

Later, the court accepted Rizwan’s plea and issued his release orders.

It is to be noted that Rizwan was given life-sentence by a trial court for the alleged murder of a man named Javed Salman back in 2009.