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SC Orders To Arrest Rao Anwar In Naqeeb Murder Case

Islamabad (March 21, 2018): The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday ordered to arrest the former SSP malir Rao Anwar who appeared before the court on Wednesday. 

The chief justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar was heading a three member bench hearing suo moto into the extra-judicial killing of Naqeeb Ullah.

The CJP remarked that Anwar has not done anything good for the court after appearing before the court. “You are courageous man then why you did not appear before the court,” he said.

On a reply from Rao Anwar that he had severe life threats the chief justice responded that he should have taken the court into confidence. He also said that Anwar would be handed over to the police for his safety.

The court had taken a 10-minute brief pause to decide on the committee which would probe Rao Anwar regarding the case.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Rao Anwar appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He had been on the run and despite repeated chances from the apex court to appear before the court, he did not appeared and instead sent letters to the court twice one of which asking the courts to open his bank accounts.

On Wednesday morning, Rao came to the apex court in a private vehicle in strict security arrangements and came out of his vehicle wearing a mask and immediately went inside the court premises.

In the last hearing on March 19, the Inspector General of Police Sindh AD Khwaja gave in camera briefing to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar on the movement of the fugitive former SSP Malir Rao Anwar and the CCTV footages that captured his movements.The chief justice remarked that it would be better for Rao Anwar to appear before the court and he would not find any shelter other than the apex court.

He said that those facilitating Rao Anwar would also not be spared.

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The CJP after hearing the case on Monday morning adjourned the hearing for in-camera briefing from IGP Sindh till1:30 PM.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar earlier in the day remarked that absconding Sindh police officer Rao Anwar will be provided protection if he appears before the court.

A three-member bench headed by the CJP conducted hearing of the suo moto notice over Naqeebullah murder.

During the proceedings, State Bank Governor told court that both the accounts of Rao Anwar have been freezed.

The CJP inquired, “Was Bahria Town’s plane was utilized by Rao Anwar? Have Malik Riaz submitted his statement in this regard?”

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Bahria Town’s representative replied that the the statement has been submitted while complying with the orders of court.

“If Rao Anwar appears before the court, he will receive protection and will be on the safe side. If the court comes to know about the facilitators of Rao Anwar, they will also be held accountable along with the suspect,” maintained the CJP.

“Who aided Anwar at the airport and issued him a boarding pass?” asked the CJP.Sindh Inspector General AD Khawaja told that a private airline issued the boarding pass. The court in response summoned the relevant authorities of private airlines.

Chief Justice Nisar remarked that those found facilitating Anwar’s bid to escape will be held accountable and strict action taken against them.

On court’s inquiry, AD Khawaja said that he is ready to brief the court over Rao Anwar’s CCTV footages.

The CJP directed him to give in-camera briefing at 1:30pm.

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On March 16, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar adjourned the Naqeebullah murder case hearing till March 19.

The CJP heard the case at the Karachi registry and asked about the whereabouts of Rao Anwar from Inspector General of Police Sindh AD Khawaja, who requested the court for more time to trace Rao Anwar.

After the chief justice asked how much time the Sindh Police require, Khawaja claimed that substantial progress will be made in the next two to three days. Chief Justice Nisar then directed Khawaja to submit a progress report in court at the next hearing on Monday, which will be held in Islamabad.Moreover, during today’s hearing, no one from the Airports Security Force (ASF) appeared in court despite a summons related to Anwar’s botched attempt to flee the country in late January.

Khawaja informed the court that they have received CCTV videos from the Karachi and Islamabad airports regarding Anwar’s escape attempt.

Speaking to the media, Khawaja said he has not found any evidence to suggest that Anwar has left the country.

The Sindh IG said he has asked the court for more time to arrest Anwar, adding that whatever Anwar is doing is wrong and he should appear in court now.

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