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SC Rejects NHA Report Over Dilapidated Condition Of N25 Road

ISLAMABAD : Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) on Wednesday rejected the National Highway Authority’s (NHA) report on dilapidated condition of N25 highway and sought a report from the authority on road repairs and accidents.

The larger bench of SC headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed heard the case regarding dilapdated conditions of roads built by the NHA.

The CJ expressing dismay over the performance of NHA remarked that it was beyond understanding as to where were the funds received by the National Highway Authority being spent?

“The NHA is not doing satisfactory work on any road and the practices of corruption are prevalent in the authority,” he added.

CJP further stated that NHA roads are easily damaged by rain water. People are dying in road accidents due to the negligence of the National Highway Authority.

“NHA has turned into a corrupt institution. Petrol pumps, hotels and shops have been leased on the highway land,” said Justice Gulzar Ahmed.

National Highway Authority representative told the court that condition of the roads will be improved by the end of the ongoing year.

The top court adjourned the hearing till indefinite period.