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SC Rejects Talal’s Intra-Court Appeal

Islamabad (October 09, 2018):  Supreme Court on Tuesday has rejected the Intra-court appeal of PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry’s disqualification of five years.

Five members larger bench headed by the CJP, Justice, Saqib Nisar heard the case.

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Counsel of Talal Chaudhry, Kamran Murtaza informed court that his client does not has any other source of income rather than advocacy, he will not be able to carry on his legal practice, if sentence remains.

Justice Nisar then asked, “Is he still a child?” To which Murtaza responded, “In front of you, everyone’s a child.” However, the chief justice questioned, “Do you use such words for your parents.”

Justice Ijazul Ahsan then remarked, “Chaudry has not issued an apology to date.”

The chief justice then questioned Chaudry’s lawyer, “Who was he calling PCO’s (Provisional Constitution Order) idol? Is he an idol destroyer? Are we doing injustice over here?”Justice Nisar then said, “We will issue notices to those who were listening to his speech.” He added, “Chaudry kept addressing former premier Nawaz Sharif in his speech and even he did not stop him from contempt of court.”

Expressing anger at the former state minister, Justice Nisar said, “Chaudry should I bring the Mian Sb who you kept addressing in your speech. Call Mian Sb so he can throw out PCO judges, can he throw us?”

“Which idol had you talked about throwing out of court?” he further questioned.

In response, Chaudry stated, “Sir, symbolically we use the term PCO (Provisional Constitution Order).” To this, Justice Ijazul Ahsan remarked, “You are not ready to issue an apology even today.”

The chief justice then rejected the PML-N leader’s intra-court appeal and asked his counsel to present his arguments on the basis of merit.“Chaudry labelled us infidels, said they are idols and throw them out of court. Can the court be further scandalised?” Justice Nisar continued.

Chaudry’s counsel then said, “You always played the role of a bigger person and even accepted Nehal Hashmi’s apology.” The chief justice then directed the counsel to form a legal argument and questioned, “How will this affect his political career?”

Justice Ijazul Ahsan added, “He made a contemptuous speech in front of a crowd.” Further, Justice Ata said, “He insulted an institution not a person and did so with arrogance.”

Earlier on September 06, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) challenged Supreme Court verdict of his sentence in contempt of court case.

Supreme Court disqualified him for five years and imposed a fine of Rs100,000 under article 204.

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Talal filed the petition through his lawyer Advocate Kamran Murtza.

Chaudhry, one of the most outspoken PML-N leaders, alleged that the prosecution’s perspective was given importance but the defence’s perspective was ignored.

He further claimed that he was not “given the benefit of the doubt” despite the presence “material against the prosecution”.PML-N leader requested the court to void the court verdict against him by accepting his appeal for hearing.

Earlier on August 02, the Apex Court announced its verdict in the contempt of court case against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Talal Chaudry, finding the former state interior minister guilty of violating Article 204 of the Constitution.

Chaudry was ordered by the apex court to ensure he is present in court during today’s proceedings.SC took suo motu notice on his ‘anti-judiciary’ remarks during a party rally in Jaranwala earlier this year.

As Justice Gulzar Ahmad read out the court’s verdict, Chaudry was sentenced ’till the rising of the court’ — a ceremonial punishment by the court instead of a jail sentence and fined Rs0.1 million.

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