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SC Turns Down FIA’s Recommendation To Close Asghar Khan Case

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday rejected the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recommendation to close down Asghar Khan Case.

As per details, the court has directed FIA to submit the detailed report within four weeks.  A three-member bench of the SC headed by Justice Azmat Saeed presided over the case

As the hearing went underway, the FIA in its reply requested the court to close the case as it is getting impossible to continue the case due to the lack of evidence.

On the other hand Defence ministry also submitted the report in SC in Asghar Khan case. The defence pleaded with the court to review the defence ministry’s response in the case, by stating that Brig (rtd) Hamid Saeed has admitted that the funds were distributed.

“Six witnesses have already been examined and efforts were in hand to trace or call other witnesses as well,” said a report by the defence ministry.

Earlier in a day, the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has pleaded Supreme Court of Pakistan for closing the Asghar Khan implementation case, saying that running case on insufficient evidence is impossible.

Earlier on April 02, Supreme Court of Pakistan sought a supplementary report from the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) having details of the use of bank accounts.

The Asghar Khan Case

Around 20 years back, late Asghar Khan filed a human rights petition backing retired Gen Naseerullah’s allegations that ISI had purchased the loyalties of certain politicians to manipulate the 1990 general election.

Later, retired Gen Asad Durrani confirmed those accusations before the Supreme court of Pakistan.

In his affidavit, he admitted that he played a role in manipulating the 1990 general elections. He also named the other players and elaborated on how the scheme unfolded.

Notwithstanding this shocking revelation, the case languished until 2012 when the Supreme Court handed down a landmark verdict that had the potential of redrawing the political and institutional landscape along democratic lines.

Yet there has been no accountability thus far, either for those who administered the slush fund, nor its recipients.