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Scientists discover ancient undersea landslide in Australia

CANBERRA: Scientists working on the Great Barrier Reef found remnants of a massive undersea landslide that took place above 300,000 years ago.

The scientists discovered the remnants of the landslide in the north of Queensland coast in Australia. Large blocks or knolls and samaller blocks were found scattered up to a depth of 13,50 meters, more than 30 kilometers from the main remnants of the slip known as Gloria Knolls slide. Total volume of the landside debris being approximately 32 cubic kilometers.

Queenland’s James Cook University Doctor Robin Beaman said that what they discovered was smoking gun. He said that it was quite clear that those knolls were the remains of a very large undersea landslide. Beaman described it as ‘catastrophic collapse’ because the knolls as long as 2.2 miles were found 30 kilometer from their original location. The landslide had the potential to cause large tsunami.

Beaman said that the researchers found deep marine life including barnacles, cold water corals and mollusks.